Western & Eastern Group Dance
  • One entry per institute.

    Time limit: 5+1 minutes which include setting time.

    Team should consist of minimum of 5 to a maximum of 8 participants including special appearances.

    Music tracks must be provided in a Pen drive in MP 3 format and should be submitted to the coordinator one hour prior to the event.

    Stage Specifications: Stage Area: 30 W * 16 B (approx.).

    Live animals, fireworks, hazardous materials, indecencies and stunts are not allowed. Violation of any of the above will lead to immediate disqualification.

    The participant is responsible for the removal of the set/properties immediately after the performance.

    The performance will be judged on the basis of choreography, synchronization, expressions, costumes, theme and overall concept.

    Decision of the judges will be final and binding to all.

  • Eastern dance category: Any pure Indian dance forms are allowed like Bollywood, folk, tribal, contemporary, semi classical and classical. Western songs and music are not allowed.

    Western dance category: Any pure form of western style of dance. Mixing of too many eastern songs is discouraged.

  • Mr. Nithin Heraje

    Mr. Gagan