Department of Chemistry

Dr. M Kishore Shetty MSc,Ph.D

Associate Professor & Head

The engineering chemistry department constitutes 3 faculty members of which two are doctorate degree holders with the research background of Electrochemistry, synthetic organic chemistry and who have contributed towards the publication of research papers in national and international journals.

The department has well equipped laboratory with all the basic requirement and Instruments which supports equally for both the curriculum and research work, which includes digital potentiometer, Digital pH meter, Photoelectric Colorimeter, Flame Photometer and Ostwald’s Viscometer. Department also consists of Fume hood and Distillation units which provides comprehensive exposure to practical skills required for research.


  • To provide experimental knowledge of quantitative chemical analysis of materials by titration and instrumental methods for developing practical skills through courses offered by the VTU for Engineering Students.
  • To carry out research in, both basic and advanced area of chemistry using both classical and instrumental methods.