Lending Service

Books are issued to all the students and faculty members of the institute. The numbers of books issued are based on the category of the user. Student’s members of the library can borrow books for a period of 15 days. The faculty can borrow six books and return the same at the end of the particular semester. The students should return the borrowed books to the library on or before the due date to avoid the penalty of overdue charges.

Renewal of books

For the renewal of books one has to bring them to circulation counter and may be renewed for a period of 15 days. Library reserves the right to recall any renewed book issued to under special cases.

Reservation Facility

Members can reserve the books which are already issued. The reserved books, after their return, will be kept at the counter for two days for issue to those have reserved. If they fail to collect the books within two days, the books will be given to the members in the waiting list.

Book Bank Scheme

Book bank facility is available for all the students and three books will be issued to each student in the beginning of the semester. The books have to be returned soon after the completion of the semester exam, failing to which they will be fined as per the library rules. If issued books are lost, the students have to replace the books.


Periodical section provides technical journals, general magazines and newsletters for reference. The latest issues and other back volumes are arranged separately on display racks and drawers respectively.

Reference Section

Reference books on a wide range of subjects, Dictionaries, Handbooks, Encyclopaedias, Novels, Conference proceedings, Gate books, Question papers, Competitive exam books, Yearbooks, Text books etc are available for reading and reference within the library. Also these books can be issued for overnight reference against their membership card to be returned the next day before 11.00 AM., failing to which a fine of Rs. 10 per day will be charged.

New Arrivals

New arrivals provide latest additions to the library. Newly received books are displayed on the display rack placed in the reference section.

Photocopying Service

Photocopying facility is available in the library. Nominal charges are collected for photocopying service.

Bulletin Board Service

Through this service readers are made aware of the new library services, facilities, paper cuttings, current events, employment news, seminar, conference, placement information etc.

News Papers

To make aware of current events at local, national and at international levels the library subscribes 10 newspapers everyday.


E-PAC-The Library Search Engine is a web enabled search engine that can be accessed on Intranet, as well as on Internet. EPAC can be used to browse/search for an item (book/non-book), along with its detail and the availability, in a particular library. E-resources subscribed by the library can also be searched and accessed through E-PAC. E-PAC Provides:

  • Search for catalogue of books, journals and non-book materials by Author, Title, Subject, Keyword, Publisher and Accession Number. Call Number wise for members on a network environment.
  • Details of new arrivals to the library.
  • Information on books borrowed/reserved by the members.
  • Facility to submit request for a new item.

  • Click here to access E-PAC

    Library Orientation

    All the fresher’s are made familiar with the library facilities and services. The rules and regulations are explained to them during the orientation program.