Hostel Committee


The Hostel is managed by the Hostel Committee consisting of Dr. Antony P J, Professor & Head of Computer Science department as Chairman, Ms. Pavitra G. Shanbagh as Secretary and heads of all departments as Members including Librarian, Academic admin and Wardens from both Boys and Girls Hostels. The main objectives and functionalities of Hostel Committee shall discuss and make recommendations regarding :

  • Admissions;
  • To create amongst the students a sense of responsibility and to inculcate discipline;
  • To create an atmosphere of harmony and co‐operation amongst the Hostellers;
  • To provide good quality food for boarders to keep them fit and healthy;
  • To provide the Hostellers a peaceful and calm environment to enable them excel in every aspect of their personality development;
  • Maintenance and development of the Hostel; and
  • Any other matter pertaining to the Hostel.


Admission and continued stay in the hostel is conditional, meaning, depending upon the academic performance, good behaviour, conduct of the student and such other things as may be decided by college management from time to time. The allotment of rooms will be made by the management in consultation with the Principal/Coordinator and warden on first come first served basis. However the management reserve its right to allot any room to any student as deemed fit and proper. The student’s stay in the allotted room for one complete academic year is mandatory in context to request for change of room is concerned. Change in rooms in mid-academic year is not possible. Request for change in room may not be granted in certain circumstances. The hostellers with chronic medical problems will be requested to vacate the room as personal medical care by parent / guardian will be necessary, also in the interest of concerned and other inmates of the hostel. If a student is expelled from the University for any Reason he/she should immediately vacate the hostel on the day of expulsion from the College/University. His / her continuance in the hostel will be treated as unauthorised and illegal occupation and shall be charged accordingly. Continuation of stay of a student in the hostel is subject to the discretion of the college administration.

Hostel Timings & Movement

All movements from and to the hostels should be recorded in the movement register and should be signed with no excuse. No hosteller is permitted to stay out of the hostel beyond 7:30 pm in case of Boys Hostel and 5:30 pm in case of Girls hostel on college working days and during weekends and holidays. The students from Girls hostel can be given relaxation in timings with permission from warden in special circumstances up to 6:00 pm on any one day of the week. The hostellers are generally discouraged from going out of the hostels during weekends and holidays. However, in extraordinary circumstances, if they want to leave the hostel, written permission has to be obtained from the Principal/Coordinator and Warden. Boys are permitted to stay out of the hostel between 7:00 am to 7:30 pm and Girls are permitted to stay out of the hostel between 7:45 am to 5:30 pm. Whenever they leave the hostel for vacations they have to inform the Warden in writing about their travel plan. The girl students, however, are required to obtain permission from the Warden after obtaining a request from the parent by mobile call (pre noticed number) in this context. If they leave during working days approval from Principal/Coordinator shall be mandatory. They are also required to return on the specified dates and submit the slips, signed by their parents as an indication that they stayed with their Parents /Guardian during the weekends, holidays or vacations. In addition they have to make an entry of their "check out" and "check in" in the movement register. Parents to enter student’s room only with warden permission and not to outstay more than the stipulated time. Parents/Visitors to be strictly instructed to follow visiting hours.

Safeguard of Students belongings

The hostellers themselves are personally responsible to safeguard their belongings. They are not to keep amounts of cash or valuables like gold, costly wristwatch etc., in their room. They should also take care of their purse, calculators, cell phones, computers and books. In case of theft or loss of any items it should be reported to authorities. The hostellers are advised to keep their room, boxes, suitcases, cupboards, etc., securely locked with good quality locks, but in no case college authorities shall be responsible for any “loss” under any circumstances.