Library Committee

  • To formulate and implement policies for management of the library
  • To prepare annual schedules, schemes & budget for the library.
  • To look into the students related issues, if any
  • To motivate students for the better use of the library & inculcate good practices.
  • Formulation of policies and procedures for efficient use of library resources.
  • To make sure that all the students are aware of the discipline of the college and campus.
  • Documentation services and updating of the library collection.
  • Collection of feedback on library functions from faculty members and students.
  • Solving of problems that arises in the functions of the library.
  • Preparation of proposals on library activities and services.
  • Solving of students related issues.
  • Stock verification and fulfilment of shortcomings.
  • Preparation of annual budget and proposals for the development of the library.
  • Subscription of Journals, articles etc.
  • Initiate and implement digital library setup.
  • Coordination with other institutions/organisation/libraries.
  • Arrange training programmes, seminar etc.