Maintenance Committee

  • Manages and supervises the Maintenance, Housekeeping and Transportation duties
  • Maintains evaluation records pertaining to Maintenance, transportation and Housekeeping staff
  • Monitors time sheets of Maintenance, transportation and Housekeeping staff
  • Is responsible for emergency calls pertaining to buildings and transportation
  • Maintains standards to provide students, staff and the community with a safe, secure, clean and comfortable environment to learn, play, and work
Essential Functions


  • Oversees schedules and procedures for the regular, on-going custodial and maintenance care of all buildings and equipment’s
  • Inspects buildings on a regular basis for needed maintenance and repair and to determine that high standards of workmanship, cleanliness, safety and security are maintained
  • Establishes and recommends priorities on repair projects


  • Establish a welcoming atmosphere and ensure courteous, reliable service from all the staff and students of the institution
  • Ensure a high standard of cleanliness and general upkeep in all areas for which the department is responsible.
  • To provide and maintain the floral decorations and landscaped areas of the Institution.


  • EOversees all aspects of transportation and the maintenance and operations of the college bus fleet.
  • Supervising the timings of daily bus operation and giving instructions to the bus supervisors.
  • Keeps Principals and other superintendent informed of new or on-going issues or problems related to transportation of students