Central Workshop

The central workshop is an academic center where it emphases on practical aspects of manufacturing and production processes. The practical training is being imparted to all UG level engineering students. It is a common facility which provides fabrication services for projects and prototype fabrication to all the students. This is the area where students are trained and gets hands on experience before going to different industries. The Central Workshop consists of three main sections, which are Fitting, Sheet metal and Welding. It also contains basic machineries needed for basic fabrication requirements. There are trained and experienced staffs in each shop for imparting effective training to the students.


This lab is used to teach engineering drawing to the UG students. This subject focuses on the fundamentals of engineering graphics and technology. Since drawing is the language of communication for engineers and has application in all branches of engineering, students of all branches have to undergo this course. In order to expose students to current industrial practices, students are trained on CAD software Solid Edge ST8/ST9 to practice 2D drafting. The lab is well equipped with 70 high end computer systems for the students to practice and LCD projector facilities for the delivery of lectures.

Material Testing and Metallography Laboratory (MMT Lab)

Engineers in general and Mechanical engineers in particular should have knowledge of properties of engineering materials and their applications. Different materials have different physical, chemical and mechanical properties and suitability. Testing the material for its mechanical strength forms an integral part of manufacturing. In this lab the students are exposed to the procedure of testing of engineering materials with help of Universal testing machine, of 100 Tonne capacity which can be used for various research purpose and various hardness testing machines (Rockwell, Brinell, Vicker’s) , Wear , Impact and Torsion testing machines along with optical microscope required for metallographic examination of materials. The lab also contains computerized wear and friction apparatus with environmental and lubrication chamber, which enable various research experiments.

Foundry and Forging Laboratory

In foundry, the students are guided in preparing the mould cavities using foundry sand . This section is also has the facilities to test the moulding sand properties like grain fineness test, moisture content test, mould hardness, core hardness test, etc. using well equipped instruments. The Foundry & Forging laboratory being smoke free (unique of its kind) is furnished with setups of LPG fired furnace for performing forging models and is also equipped with foundry sand testing apparatus with proper ventilation, space and sufficient lighting.

Machine Shop

The Machine Shop is equipped with 15 Turn Master Centre Lathes, Drilling Machines, Shaping Machines and Milling Machine for preparing the models and gaining the practical exposure in operating the machines. Also, the machine shop is equipped with high quality cutting tools for the operations like Marking, Centre drilling, Facing, Taper turning, Grooving, knurling, Profile turning, Drilling, Boring, Thread cutting etc., The students are also trained in using inserts for cutting tool for machining purpose and Gear cutting operation.

Mechanical Measurements and Metrology Laboratory (MMM Lab)

An engineer must possess adequate knowledge of measurement techniques. Metrology and measurements constitute an important element in all laboratories for conducting experiments and for all types of control processes in the industrial activities. This lab provides the students an active learning environment for the measurement technologies used in production engineering field. Students use the laboratory to collect and analyze measurement data, evaluate measurement methodologies, and learn the capabilities and limitations of measurement technologies. The lab includes LVDT, Load Cell, Pressure transducer, Micrometer, Thermocouple, Slip gauges, Sine bar, Sine center, Bevel protractor, Profile projector, Lathe and Drill tool dynamometer and other equipment’s required for calibration and measurements.

Computer Aided Machine Drawing Lab (CAMD Lab)

Design drawings allow viewers to visualize a machine or its components before it is manufactured. In the current industrial trend CAD modeling is an imperative skill expected from all Mechanical engineers. Students practice the development of 3D drawings of machine components and perform virtual assembly using industry leading mechanical design software Solid Edge. Solid Edge modeling and assembly tools enable students to easily develop a full range of products, from single parts to assemblies containing thousands of components with accurate fit and modify them within the assembly model. The lab is equipped with 66 numbers of high end computer systems.

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab

This lab covers the study of various performance characteristics, measurements of flow using various instruments and determine the force exerted by jet of water on vanes.