Mechanical Engineering : Research

Area of Interests

1 Dr. Rajesh Rai PROFSSOR & HEAD Optimisation of cutting parameters, nanomachining
2 Mr. Prashanth D A ASST PROFESSOR Composite materials
3 Mr. S. Venkatesh kamath ASST PROFESSOR Heat exchangers, bio gasification
4 Mr. Nithin shet ASST PROFESSOR Manufacturing engineering
5 Mr. Chandrahas ASST PROFESSOR Crack propagation, finite life
6 Mr. Prakhyath ASST PROFESSOR Cryogenics, Refrigeration , Heat exchangers
7 Mr. Vijay kumar H K ASST PROFESSOR Product life cycle management


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The mechanical department of AJIET has a motto to provide quality education along with competent research in the area of technical studies. The institution has provided with the state of art infrastructure to support all research activities. Faculty members are pursuing interdisciplinary and socially relevant research in their thrust area with state of art equipment in addition to teaching. Mechanical department is also providing a platform for faculty members to interact with other experts in the area of specialization which provides an opportunity for others to access the research quality of institution

The following research activities are being conducted as of now

  • Study of wear properties of ferrous alloy both in wet and dry condition
  • Optimising the parameters in turning for surface roughness using taguchi method for ferrous alloys
  • Optimising the process parameters in surface grinding using taguchi method
  • Design and development of sensible thermal storage system
  • Design and development of direct micro methanol fuel cell