Website & Networking Committee


The committee updates and maintains the website according to requirement of the Faculty and staff members of the institute. One of the major achievements of the institution is to provide Intranet facilities to all the Students, Faculty and other staff members of the institution. Daily notices, absentee record, event detail of the University, Syllabus, committee detail, and publications are available on intranet and updated frequently (with ERP system).

The Institution having 100 MBPS connectivity for its campus through B S N L. This project provides E-connectivity for the students and the teachers. To provide secure Internet connection the University is having Secured Firewall (Unified threat Management System) at its premises. It is an appliance that delivers real-time network protection against evolving Internet threats through unique user based policies. These hardware firewalls safeguard the network from the outside threats and intrusions. Use of IT facilities requires prior registration and the granting of a user code or an individual password.

The Institution initiated its efforts by surfacing a plan for developing a Campus Wide Computer Network with a mandate to link together all the computing resources located in different departments, Research Centre and other buildings of the institution. Campus Networking (LAN/Wi-Fi), website, Internet, Intranet, IP Intercom Telephone exchange, IP Surveillance and other IT facilities like Multimedia Podium, Projectors and sound system in all the class rooms and other buildings are also maintained by the committee.


The Website &Networking Committee will undertake various initiatives to achieve the objectives identified below. Specific activities of the committee will include but not be limited to :

  • Develop a priority listing of desired design and functionality enhancements.
  • Identify and contract with appropriate third party services to update and enhance website design and content.
  • Strive to make improvement in the website with respect to design, preventability etc on a continuous basis.
  • Update all communications, notices, announcements etc on a regular basis.
  • Coordinating with other committees in posting relevant information.
  • Review and analyse website statistics with a quarterly report to the Board.
  • Maintain records/minutes of all meetings and develop supporting documentation relative to the website.
  • The Committee shall be responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the Website including, but not limited to:
    • Updating the website in a timely manner.
    • Backing up the Website on a biweekly basis.
    • Ensure the Website’s on-going operation.