Objectives And Scope Of The Institution

The main objective of the institution is to impart high quality theoretical knowledge, ably and well supported by adequate practice in laboratories, workshop, drawing rooms etc. to turn the student into a highly competent professional and at the same time an exemplary human being in the service of the state and the nation and to become a proud global citizen. In this direction the institution considers STUDENT as the most important person in the campus and all staff members and all other persons connected with the institution are required to orchestrate all their activities to the student requirements. We, therefore, commit ourselves to produce such quality engineers who can take up these challenges of the day and also of the future. Engineering means to find economical solutions for technological problems. It has vital role in the prevailing conditions. Most of them choose engineering as their file of study as it is much sort-after profession. It gives both social as well as financial status. Engineers work starts from planning, designing, construction, production, testing, implementation and maintenance etc. Engineering offers tremendous scope for employment depending on the area of specialization.