Sports play an important role in the development of integrated personality of the youth. Sports and physical activities play an essential role in the development human resource. Physical education enhances the physical competence, health fitness, self obligation which drives a student to be physically and rationally fit for a lifetime. Physical education acts as an outlet to discharge the tension, anxiety and encourages enthusiastic solidness. Physical exercises reinforce the peer connections and socialize the youth.

To upgrade the personality development of an engineering student the AJ Institute of Engineering and Technology (AJIET) has well established Physical Education Department. The division very much outfitted with indoor and outside games offices. The department conduct inter-departmental sports exercises each year and adding to the advancement of enduring between departmental relationship in the ground. As a part of their curriculum, students are under training in their respective sports in each scholarly year. Thus the sports spirit remains long-last in physical and psychological wellness of the student. Training causes students to participate in the inter-collegiate sports competitions which help them to grow instructively and professionally.