Student welfare and Grievance Readdressel Committee

  • To focus on all relevant student issues determined by current events and/or by suggestions of committee members.
  • To recommend on the enhancement of student facilities, students’ life and experience during their time at AJIET Mangaluru.
  • To bring a harmonious atmosphere in campus
  • To review orientation processes and practices of each constituent in order to ensure these programmes meet the needs of all students.
  • Upholding the dignity of the Institution by ensuring strife free atmosphere in the Institute through promoting cordial student-student relationship and student teacher relationship etc.
  • Advising the students to respect the right of dignity of one another and show restraint and patience whenever any occasion arises.
  • Advising the students to refrain from inciting students against other students or teachers and lnstituteAdministration.
  • To encourage students to express their grievances by providing them a platform to express their problems.
  • To ensure effective solution to the students grievances with an impartial and fair approach..
  • Supporting the students to facilitate learning.
  • Developing good relationship with students.
  • Addressing their various issues.
  • Conduct a meeting periodically to discuss students’ welfare.
  • Developing a relationship with parents and organizing meetings for them.
  • Organizing special coaching for slow learners.
  • Developing students-teacher relationship.
  • The cases will be attended promptly on receipt of written grievances from the students.
  • The cell formally will review all cases and will act accordingly as per the Management policy.